Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony of London 2012

The dream of thousands of athletes will be launched today, when the opening ceremony marks the formal start of the 2012 London Olympics. Start at 17 (hours in Argentina).

The show (starts at 17, Argentina) have formal speeches parts of the organizers, emotional moments with the parade of the delegations and of great symbolism with the lighting of the cauldron at the Olympic Stadium.

However, the main attraction for the four billion people is estimated to see the ceremony on television, and the 80,000 that observed in vivo, is the art show Scottish director Danny Boyle.

The filmmaker is the ideologue of the piece called "The Island of Wonders", inspired by the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare, which will involve about 10,000 people.
What is known is that will make the Olympic Stadium in the countryside, with animals and will live several elements of British culture and Victorian costumes and even cricketers.

The total cost of the show, Boyle himself described as "unpredictable and inventive," ranging in the 27 million pounds (33.2 million).

The select audience witnessed a rehearsal on Monday, said on Twitter that the ceremony was "epic", "Out of This World" and "spectacular, engaging, mobilizing and inspiring."

The show will overcome the difficult task of opening of Beijing 2008, which garnered praise with its play of lights, fireworks, costumes and staging of thousands of musicians and dancers.

A plus with which London will is the adoption of a prodigal son of Liverpool, former Beatle Paul McCartney, who will give away more of their classics, including closing with "Hey Jude".

The whole ceremony will begin with the greeting protocol between the holder of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge and Queen Elizabeth II, at the entrance of the Olympic Stadium.

Then the sound of a bell of 23 tons will be the start of the activities and the parade of nations, which first performed in London exactly at the Games in 1908.

The country teams will enter in alphabetical order according to the language of the host country, in this case in English, with the exception of the Greeks, who always start the parade to be the precursors of the ancient powers of the Games to inspire modern.
That means Luciana Aymar fly the flag of Argentina with the rest of the athletes albicelestes ninth, behind Greece, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda. The procession will close the Great Britain team for being the host.

Once all countries are in the stadium, Jacques Rogge and the head of the Organizing Committee and former British athlete, Sebastian Coe, a speech will invite Queen Elizabeth II to declare the start of the Games.

The Olympic Charter states that then hoisted the flag of the Olympic Games with the five interlocking rings of different colors, representing the universality of sport and the connection between the continents.

In addition, will sing the Olympic hymn and an athlete and a judge of the organizing country will take the oath which promise to "respect and abide by the rules."

The grand finale will be the arrival of the Olympic torch after traveling 12,000 kilometers and pass through more than 8,000 relievers, since it began its journey in Athens more than two months.

There remains the mystery of who will be the star athlete who will light the flames of the cauldron that will burn until the completion of the Olympic Games on August 12.

Who heads the betting is the rower Steve Redgrave, who won gold in a row between Los Angeles 1984 and Sydney 2000.

Also sound Daley Thompson, 53, with world records and victories in Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984, and the boldest point to footballer David Beckham, who serves as ambassador of the Games and was out of the call for the selection of Great Britain .

The mystery will be unveiled today in what will be the time to be repeated again and again in the future when you talk in 2012.

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